UPCOMING: the eros effect, curated by Jane Hart:  Bridge Red Studio/Project Space, Miami November 4,  2018 through January 2019 5 Waves  see blue video below (scroll)

RECENT : Spectrum Fair Booth 307, 1700 NE 2nd Ave., Art Basel Miami 2017                                                                             Ghetto Biennale Port au Prince Haiti  December 2017                                                                                                         Bridge Red Studio/Project Space November 2017 - January 2018,  featuring Hell Money video installation

see red video below: (scroll) Hell Money is the term for joss paper representations of bank notes and material goods burnt in China and Vietnam to appease ancestors. The word hell was introduced in China by missionaries, who preached that all non-Christian, Chinese people would "go to hell" after death. Hell was misinterpreted to mean afterlife. The ghastly consequences of catastrophic, climate change is a hell we have started experiencing in the present life. My Hell Money is a symbolic broadcast from a hell where mother earth is dishonored, wildlife threatened and extreme weather events are accelerated. In this netherworld, money replaces spirituality and climate change denial is generated by greed. Thanks to Peter Eves, firestarter and more, Ural Morris, editor and Jane Hart, curator.

see the blue video below: (scroll) 5 Waves for the eros effect

The video's gentle waves symbolize 5 waves of feminism. One hundred years ago, First-wave suffragettes campaigned for the vote, political candidacy and property entitlement. Fifty years later, in 1968, Second-wave feminism defined a bold new era, reducing inequalities in the workplace while promoting sexual freedom and reproductive rights. Third-wave and Fourth-wave feminism focused on diversity, individualism and putting an end to sexual harassment. In 2018, fifty years after the 1968 Second wave, we are left hoping that some women are finally believed, although not all. Some of the misogynistic abusers are being held accountable, #metoo -the new, Fifth wave. For me, a wave of some relief, but self-reproach as well, I could have been a better, stronger, feminist mom. My daughters grew up in a world where female objectification, sexual harassment and denial of abuse was still a norm. In the video's center, the fifth wave, words and phrases I once considered ordinary tick across the screen like a bizarre, news bulletin. I rub and wash my hands Lady Macbeth style symbolizing sleepwalking, guilt and the need for purification. Audio:I Can't Get No Satisfactiona recent cover by PJ Harvey and Bjork of a song popularized fifty years ago Fifth-wave feminism -Journalist Caitlin Moran's concept of future feminism



(scroll) below see : Gina Cunningham's poster for Micol Hebron's "Gallery Tally"  for Fair. featuring only female artists where admission was free and nothing was for sale These are the ways in which Fair.  challenged and upended the traditional commercial model during Art Basel Miami Beach December 2017 and in November 2017                                            Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle on Tyne, U.K.

Gallery Tally_Gina Cunningham